Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse

Welcome to the world premiere of the first-ever Lightovation Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse – a groundbreaking initiative representing a significant leap forward in the realm of residential design and lighting. 

Designed exclusively for Dallas Market Center, this immersive innovative experience allows visitors to visualize and experience the trends in a lifelike environment, providing invaluable insights and inspiration for their own design projects.
Both the virtual reality and metaverse experiences of the TrendHouse are meticulously designed to showcase the latest trends in lighting, home decor, and technology that reflect the 2024 Lightovation Trend Report, curated by global trend forecaster Patti Carpenter and presented by Furniture Lighting and Decor magazine for the Lightovation show. The highlighted lighting products will be presented with details about each product, QR codes that can be scanned for additional information and for an augmented reality capability.

Residential Design, 3d Modeling, Rendering, 360 Tour & Metaverse Build all created and built by Annilee B Waterman.

Lightovation Lighting TrendHouse Virtual Reality Walkthrough

This version is an image based, 360 Walkthrough, just like you would see in a real estate listing.  Using 3d modeled and rendered 360 panoramic images, this experience simulates a 3d space. A 360-degree virtual real estate walkthrough is a digital, immersive experience that replicates visiting a property in person, providing a comprehensive and semi-interactive view of a space. It’s an effective tool for showcasing properties to a wider audience, saving time, and enhancing the property viewing experience.

Lightovation Lighting TrendHouse Metaverse Space

Exploring the Future of Lighting Design: The Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse at Dallas Market Center

In January 2024, the Dallas Market Center’s Lightovation event presented a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of residential design and lighting – the Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse. This pioneering project not only marked a significant leap in design presentation but also opened up new avenues for experiencing and interacting with the latest trends in lighting and home décor. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at this innovative project, its features, and the collaborative efforts that made it possible.

The Concept of Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse:
Designed exclusively for the Dallas Market Center, the Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse was an immersive and innovative experience that allowed visitors to visualize and experience the latest trends in a lifelike environment. The TrendHouse was a part of the January 2024 Lightovation event, which is renowned for showcasing cutting-edge products and design ideas in the lighting industry.

Virtual Reality and Metaverse Experiences:

The TrendHouse offered two unique experiences – a virtual reality walkthrough and a metaverse space. Both were meticulously designed to showcase the latest trends in lighting, home decor, and technology as per the 2024 Lightovation Trend Report, curated by global trend forecaster Patti Carpenter.

Design and Collaboration:
The TrendHouse was brought to life through the collaboration of several experts:

  • Annilee B Waterman: Responsible for the residential design, 3D modeling, rendering, and the overall creation of both the virtual walkthrough space and the metaverse space.
  • Shay Geyer: Celebrity interior designer who selected the highlighted lighting fixtures for the TrendHouse based on the 2024 Lighting Trends Report.
  • Leslie Carothers: Principal of digital marketing agency, Savour Partnership, and the project manager for the TrendHouse.
  • Sponsorship by Samsung: The installation at Lightovation was notably sponsored by Samsung, providing essential support and technology that played a pivotal role in bringing the Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse to life.

This collaborative effort, bolstered by Samsung’s sponsorship, highlights the importance of partnerships in advancing technological innovation and design within the industry.


Features of the TrendHouse:

  • Detailed Product Presentations: Each lighting product in the TrendHouse was presented with comprehensive details, along with QR codes for additional information and augmented reality capabilities.
  • Accessibility: The TrendHouse was accessible at the Lightovation tradeshow and also available online via a special landing page on the Dallas Market Center website for global access.
  • Augmented Reality Experience: The AR capabilities allowed users to visualize the lighting fixtures in different settings, enhancing the interactive experience.


Educational Sessions and Events:
The debut of the TrendHouse was complemented by educational sessions on virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. These sessions provided insights into how these technologies could be applied in the lighting industry.


Transformative Step Forward

The Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse at the Dallas Market Center’s Lightovation event represents a transformative step in the way lighting design and home decor are showcased and experienced. By leveraging advanced technologies like virtual reality and the metaverse, the TrendHouse has not only provided a unique platform for designers and manufacturers to display their products but has also revolutionized the way attendees and consumers interact with design trends.

This innovative project highlights the potential of technology in enhancing the design experience, making it more interactive, accessible, and engaging. As we continue to witness the integration of digital technologies in various sectors, the Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse stands as a testament to the endless possibilities and the future of design exhibitions.

The Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse is more than just an exhibition; it’s a look into the future of design and technology integration. It’s a space where creativity meets innovation, leading to a unique and immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional design showcases. As we look forward to more such initiatives, it is clear that the world of design and technology is on an exciting path, full of possibilities and innovations waiting to be explored. The Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse invites us to envision a future where the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally engaging and interactive. 

This is the future of design – a fusion of art, technology, and human experience, unfolding in dynamic and unexpected ways.

TrendHouse Live Event -- Dallas Market's Lightovation 2024

High Resolution Renderings of The TrendHouse

AI Generated Art Displayed Throughout the TrendHouse

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