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Rendering Services transform architectural concepts and interior designs into stunning, photo-realistic visuals. Utilizing advanced 3D rendering, modeling, and architectural visualization, these services cater to architects, interior designers, and developers in need of precise 3D architectural services. From detailed 3D home designs to comprehensive 3D floor plans, clients receive a clear, impactful representation of potential spaces, enhancing design decision-making, marketing, and presentations with high-quality archviz.
Virtual Reality, Virtual Tour, Immersive Technology, 360 Tour
Specializing in online home design, my Custom Design Services transform your dream projects into reality, focusing on new homes, remodels, and kitchen and bath designs. Utilizing virtual interior design techniques, I provide a comprehensive online platform for house design, enabling clients to collaborate remotely on every detail of their project. From the initial concept to the final floor plan, my services are tailored to meet the unique needs and visions of each client, ensuring a personalized, efficient, and innovative design experience. Whether you're building your house online or planning a remodel, I'm here to bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.
  • Bringing Visions to Life: 3D Models, Renderings, & Animations for Your Space
  • Design in Depth: Crafting Virtual Reality & Metaverse Spaces for Architectural Innovation
  • Online Design: Transform Your Space with Expert Planning and Visualization”
Annilee B Waterman is a dedicated professional in the realm of design and visualization, renowned for transforming high-end architectural and interior concepts into vivid, detailed 3D renderings. Offering a unique blend of technical expertise and insightful collaboration, Waterman caters to luxury designers, architects, real estate developers, and homeowners seeking precision in 3D architectural services. Operating remotely, she ensures a seamless, efficient design process, empowering her clients to make informed decisions and achieve their vision with confidence.

Partnering with Homeowners, Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Developers & Brands to create premium architectural visualizations & renderings,  Virtual Reality, and Metaverse spaces for presentations and marketing.




Leading the movement for The Metaverse in the Architecture & Design Industry.



Annilee B Waterman is a  Technical & Creative expert with over 20 years of industry experience in Home Design, Interiors, 3d Design & 3d Modeling.



Annilee exceeded my expectations. Looking for a solution to convey a building concept, I quickly discovered an architect wasn't what I was looking for. The 3d rendering has exceeded my expectations and generated several "This is amazing" 's from the business associates I've shared it with. Annilee was easy to communicate with, even though we were at remote locations, and quickly understood design objectives and never had an issue with small improvements and changes. Worth every penny! I would recommend Annilee to anyone.
Neffendorfs A
Neffendorfs A
Annilee is so great to work with. It was all done via email and yet she was able to capture what we wanted to do with our re-model ideas. Her presentation of the plans is done beautifully and makes the vision come to life
Jamie Killion
Jamie Killion
Annilee is a pleasure to work with! She was able to create a rendering of our kitchen remodel. She is very professional and has a great eye for detail. I plan on using her services in the future and will be recommending her to friends and family.
Mallory Walker
Mallory Walker
AW Design Studio helped us immensely in "seeing" our new house plans in 3-D. Using CAD, Annilee was able to bring the flat architect drawings "to life" so to speak. We could suddenly see the depths and heights of each room and the relationship of each room to another. We could "walk" down a hall or through the den or kitchen and look left and right, and up and down. It was a transformative experience! Thanks, Annilee!
Johnny Chilton
Johnny Chilton
Annilee is talented, professional and extremely knowledgeable. She was patient and supportive through the entire process of designing our new home. Annilee provided us with numerous options to choose from along with her unique ideas to help us create the spaces we had envisioned.
Allison McCurdy
Allison McCurdy

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