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Design Industry Guide to the Metaverse

What is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is an ever-expanding digital universe that merges virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet to create immersive, interactive environments. Think of it as the next iteration of the internet, where instead of browsing websites, you’re stepping into a 3D world. With platforms like Roblox boasting 216 million monthly active users and Fortnite not far ahead with about 236 million, it’s clear that the metaverse is not just a passing trend​​.

The metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds where visitors can interact with each other, view and experience virtual objects, and explore virtual environments in a realistic and immersive way.

  • A Metaverse space is a 3d architectural model made into a virtual reality environment.
  • Metaverse spaces can be digital twins or unique custom buildings or environments.
  • Metaverse spaces can be accesses through any web browser or mobile device, and do not require a VR Headset.
  • The Metaverse is not just one platform, there are many.  The space you see here is built in Spatial.
  • You do not need to buy land, own NFTs or use crypto currency to build a metaverse space.
  • Metaverse spaces can be integrated directly into your existing website.
  • Space that I build are made to real life scale.
Kitchen Design options in the Metaverse

How Designers and Architects Can Use the Metaverse

For designers and architects, the metaverse opens up a world of possibilities from constructing virtual buildings and spaces to creating immersive experiences to becoming an integral part of your design process. 

Integrating metaverse technology into your design work flow can be an amazing tool.  Your clients can experience their new home or new kitchen design as an immersive experience where they can explore and “feel” it out.  This can facilitate faster decision making and give your clients extra confidence in their choices.  For you, the immersive views can spark new ideas that typically wouldn’t be seen until frame walk, as well as help identify potential problems.

Metaverse spaces can be:

  • Design Development Tool
  • Dynamic Presentation Tool
  • Virtual Office
  • Virtual Showroom
  • Virtual Store
  • Virtual Showhouse
  • Virtual Gallery
  • Virtual Meeting Space
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Virtual Real Estate Tours

Community is Key

At its core, the metaverse is about community. It’s a space where people can meet, collaborate, and share experiences in ways that are boundless. The metaverse thrives on social connections, fostering environments where innovation, creativity, and social change can flourish​​.


The transition from radio to TV, and then to the internet, reflects our ongoing quest for more immersive and interactive forms of communication. Now, the metaverse represents the next frontier, offering an unparalleled level of engagement that combines the best of its predecessors with the limitless potential of virtual worlds.

Virtual Land

Virtual real estate in the metaverse refers to digital parcels of land that users can buy, sell, or develop. Whether for creating immersive experiences or for investment purposes, owning land in the metaverse can be as significant as in the real world, depending on the platform and how you choose to use it.

You do not need to own land in order to create an immersive experience of your own.  There are many platforms such as Spatial & Mona where you can build your project, and upload it directly.

Return On Investment

ROI for a Metaverse space is a question I am regularly asked.  Right now, my honest answer is I don’t know.  What I can say is that by utilizing new tech, you will be positioning yourself as a thought leader and forward thinking professional.  By integrating the Metaverse into your design process and using it for marketing within your website, you can attract clients that already involved in gaming and immersive experiences.

The economic potential of the metaverse is staggering, with projections into the trillions by 2030​​. For designers and architects, this presents a unique opportunity to innovate and generate revenue through virtual designs, experiences, and collaborations.

How to View the Metaverse

You do not NEED a headset to experience the Metaverse.  Most platforms are accessible on you computer or your phone. Virtual reality headsets like the Quest and Apple Vision Pro are additional gateways to the metaverse, offering powerful, immersive experiences. 

Metaverse Platforms Available

There are multiple platforms where the metaverse is taking shape, each offering different tools, experiences, and opportunities for users. Roblox and Fortnite are just the tip of the iceberg, with many more platforms emerging as the technology evolves.

Dallas Market Center Lightovation Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse
Dallas Market Center Lightovation Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse Residential Design, 3d Modeling, Rendering, Metaverse Build by Annilee B Waterman

Metaverse Building Services

As a Certified Professional Building Designer and Registered Interior Designer with many years of design, 3d modeling, Rendering, Animation and real world construction experience, I am uniquely qualified to build spaces for the metaverse.  

Based on your design brief, I design and build the virtual space, including the environment, structure, furnishings and lighting.  I can also add interactivity including doors opening or simple quests.


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